• Design Prize of the state of Mecklenburg-Lower Pomerania
  • Exhibition at Galerie an der Steige, Mainz
  • 12 display-paintings on large screens supplied by SHARP Electronics (Europe) on show at the Museum for Communication, Berlin
  • IFA Berlin, „LCD meets Art”
  • art&economy, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg
  • Lecturer for the study of nature and digital media at School of Design, Schwerin
  • Exhibition at Kunstverein Elmshorn
  • Presentation of display-paintings as part of the annual convention of Cultural Promotion Group in the German Industries Federation (BDI), Rostock
  • Presentation of display-paintings at the Federal Ministry of Economics, Berlin
  • Presentation of display-paintings at the Reifenrath Media Center, Hamburg
  • Presentation of eleven display-paintings at Thomas Electronic, Hamburg
  • Intelligent House Solutions, Berlin
  • IFA-Preview, Hamburg and Munich
  • Lifestyle@CeBIT, Hannover
  • Gallery Parterre, Berlin - „Das dritte Gesicht” (contribution)
  • IFA-Preview, Hamburg and Munich
  • leadventures, Nuremberg
  • Head of the Game-Design department at School of Design, Schwerin
  • First display-painting in high definition
  • CeBIT Preview/SHARP Media Night, Hamburg
  • Presentation of the world's first display-painting on Blu-ray Disc
  • Coorporation with audio artist Ingo Hauss, Hamburg. Creation of Screen-Art Compositions as audio-visual synthesis of the arts
  • AD Architectural Digest magazine awards Winfried Wolks digital art as one of „Best of Germany 2008”
  • Begin of the coorperation with LOEWE, european premium manufacturer of home entertainment systems
  • „The Art of High Definition” event in 72 german LOEWE galleries. Introducing the new LOEWE Art SL television set with 3 pre-installed Screen-Art Compositions
  • Grand opening of Loewe flagship gallery in Como/Italy with Screen-Art Compositions
  • Performance „Kronach leuchtet” (contribution)
  • Grand opening of Loewe gallery in Leipzig with Screen-Art Compositions
  • Presentation of „Elmau-Elegien” at Schloss Elmau
  • Koenitz Gallery, Leipzig - Winfried Wolk, Paintings & Graphic art
  • „Einhundert Bilder - Einhundert Künstler” - Carlshorst Gallery, Berlin